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A brand new completely unique product to the market, PUDZTM is more than a shin and ankle protector, it’s a joy enhancer.

Created by someone just like you, with a love of skiing, but a dislike of the pain and discomfort brought on by a long day of wearing ski boots.

PUDZTM acts as a defrictioniser, absorbing the pressure between the boot, shin and ankle, allowing for more movement and less pain.

PUDZTM Shin & Ankle Protector

Conquer the slopes and ease shin pain with PUDZTM!

Continuous Comfort Continuous

PUDZTM will protect your shins run after run, hill after hill, adventure after adventure. Made from polyurethane dense foam, PUDZTM consistently cushions and protects your shins and ankles.

Pain Free Pain Free

PUDZTM alleviates your shin and ankle pain and replaces it with a comfortable pillow of foam, which means you have happier shins and ankles, and more time on the slopes.

Long Lasting Long Lasting

Don’t throw it away! PUDZTM is not a single use product. Being a soft, yet durable and dense foam, the support and comfort of PUDZTM is long lasting. You’ll be able to reap the benefits for years to come.

One Size Fits All One Size Fits All

PUDZTM is a one size fits all design, suitable for adults of all shapes and sizes. However, it can be cut down to size if needed for the little skiers in the family.

How does PUDZTM work, you ask?

Step 1

Slip PUDZTM into your sock against your shin & ankle with the soft side on your skin.

Step 2

Slip your feet into your boots for less “OW” and more “POW”. You won’t believe the difference.

How It Works

Less "OW" more "POW"

After one day on the slopes it's hard to muster up the same excitement for skiing a second day knowing you've got to put your ski boots on again.

PUDZTM is made from soft yet durable and dense protective foam that helps protect your shins and ankles from the pressure of uncomfortable and restrictive ski boots.

With the comfortably soft, yet sturdy protective foam cushioning your shins and ankles, PUDZTM should be a crucial part of your skiing kit along with your poles and skis.

Ski in comfort all day long with PUDZTM.

Media Reviews

“Bye bye boot pain hello PUDZ shin & ankle protectors”


New PUDZ shin and ankle protectors solve a lot of ski boot problems. Sometimes simple solutions are best, and Aussie designer Dave Conway has come up with a winner here that will save you a lot of grief for just $AUD 30 a pack of two.

Date: June 17, 2018

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